We empower men, women, and children to express their unique personal power and style. We provide comprehensive image coaching so you can:
• look and feel your best—personally and professionally
• build your self-esteem, inner confidence, and overall self-love
• gain greater insight into developing a unique image that goes beyond choosing the right attire

What do image consultants do?
Personal image consultants help accentuate your unique style, using fashion to create success, showing you how to dress for your body type and highlighting your very best qualities.
Company image consultants help your business get more clients. Our imaging services generate higher profits, greater recognition, meaningful impressions, and increased effectiveness.
Try on your new image. Find the image consulting service that’s right for you!


Looking to make a difference?
As an Image Consultant, you have the exciting opportunity to fully experience fashion while actively transforming lives. Style Psychology is a unique blend of image coaching and inner personal work that results in a successful style and life.
As an Image Consultant, you will work closely with clients during their transformational process, so that their personal style reflects how absolutely fabulous they feel on the inside.
Two-thirds of a woman’s confidence comes from how she feels about her outward appearance.
We have an important job to do!
Assisting women and men in cultivating self-esteem, while supporting them in developing personal style is crucial to the Style Psychology process.
You could be a conduit for transformation in someone’s life—from the inside out!


Bella Verita
A nationally-recognized authority in image consulting and founder of Style Psychology, Bella Verita brings proven expertise that dramatically affects her clients’ confidence, performance, and success.

Bella has created a full-service personal development and styling system called Beauty Blueprint™ that combines her two areas of expertise –personal growth and fashion. In addition to teaching Beauty Blueprint classes, Bella works with clients one-on-one and has been a guest speaker at workshops and seminars, speaking on the Power of Style and Appearance in Business.

Within her first year of business, Ms. Verita expanded her business internationally and retained clients globally. In 2011, Bella was responsible for a full-company image makeover that took a business from a million dollar company to a billion dollar company in less then a year.

Bella has worked with several major companies including ERC of Nevada, Cintas, Appreciation Financial, Eccoci, Limited Editions for Her, MGM Resorts, Caesar’s Entertainment and Four Seasons.

Clients working with Style Psychology have had rank advancements within their companies in record times and many network marketers report retained team members and quadrupled income, exceeding their competitors.

Ms. Verita is now dedicated to helping women excel in every area of their lives, so that they can love the life they live!

LaCheyva Edmonis

LaCheyva Edmonis is well-known for being stylish and exhibiting her personal fashion sense in ways that are unique yet complimentary. With a B.S. in Business Administration from UNLV in 2005, she has decided to bring her “business sense” and her passion for fashion together and join Style Psychology as a Personal Image Consultant, based in Las Vegas.

LaCheyva’s flair for fashion began in her teens. She had a reputation for always being “put together” whether wearing jeans and a “one of a kind” sweater to a high school sports event, a man’s fedora in a fashion show, colorful leg warmers in dance class, or a white faux-fur jacket to a Broadway play.

LaCheyva’s love for fashion, through her own unique style with her knack for knowing how to mix and match colors, textures, and patterns, has guided her toward helping others discover THEIR personal style. Although some clients think they need to completely replace their entire wardrobe, LaCheyva can help you discover ways to make what you already have “work differently” and how to “utilize everything in your closet”. Her personal fashion motto is “My God-given image of style empowers me and others to live life to the fullest.”

Style Psychology is different from other image consulting firms. Our image consultants transform the way people see themselves, connecting them to the success they desire in business and life.
If you’re looking to get more clients or simply want your sexy back, having a personal image consultant gives you the confidence to improve your business, spice up your romantic life and bring you peace of mind. Our unique image consulting services are the keys to attracting the life you desire!