Briolette Gem Summer Fashion

Briolette body shape

We are giving you all kinds of ideas on how to really make your summer fashion work for you. We have highlighted all the body types in other articles. This is all about the Briolette Gem!

The briolette gem is sometimes called the triangle or pear shape. If this is your shape, your hips are larger than your bust and your waist is nicely defined.

This gem is one of the easier figures to dress  (but does not mean that it is better). The key to dress this gem is to enhance your upper body, emphasize the waist and de-emphasize your bottom area. This gives your look a great balance.


Depending on what you really want to do here depends on the direction in which you should go. If you are trying to be more modest say for work or a non-social event, go with an empire waist dress. It will show off your waist and cover your bottom. If you want to flaunt it, then body con or mini is a go to for you.






Here you can do a soft flowing skirt in a dark color that hits right below or at the knee. High waist pencil skirts are cute too and will definitely show off your bottom while defining your waist. Whatever you do though, less is better. You don’t want to add bulk.







Go for tops that will bring a balance to your upper and lower parts while showing off your waist. A wrap shirt will give you some waist definition while enhancing your bust. Off the shoulder shirts are great too.

Go for what you feel and know that whatever you choose, you will look great!

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