Heart Gem Summer Fashion

Heart body shape

For our body type series summer edition, we are highlighting the Heart Gem for you.

If you have a heart shape gem, you are more top heavy with a somewhat smaller waist and narrower hips. This one is a little trickier to dress, but that’s okay because no body shape is better than the other. It all just comes down to knowing how to dress for your beautiful body.

So here are some keys to consider and remember in order to bring out the best you during the summer months.

drop waistDresses

Here you want to show off what you have. Semi fitted dresses with a drop waist is going to be your best bet. This is accomplished with an empire waist dress. Also, an open neckline will work here too as it brings attention to the top part to your body.






An A-line skirt with a slight flare will give you some “definition” for your bottom area. They will also help to cover any areas of your bid section that you might still be working on. Also, play with patterns and materials here too, include lace and fringe. Skirts that hit right below the knee work really well if you are a tall heart gem. Finally, you cannot go wrong with a straight fit.




This is where you have a chance to really play up your curves. Don’t be afraid to show some skin with a deep v-neck or a nice fitted top that plays up your bust. You don’t have to do too much detailing. Just keep it simple.

Try these out and play around until you find what you like. That’s what fashion is all about anyway so embrace that.

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