War of Resistance

I Reached the End

I had reached the end of my rope. I was feeling defeated. And thoughts were racing through my mind the moment my eyes opened.

“I know I’m meant for something greater.
I know I’m not supposed to be living this way.
I know it’s not supposed to be this hard.”

I reach for the phone to see what is happening on Facebook or Instagram to avoid my own defeating thoughts. I roll out of bed and stumble through my day breathing with no direction and surviving on hope alone.

Down on my knees, I pray, “God, help me see what I am not willing to see.”

The answer that came was one that made sense. Immediately, I book a session with a prayer practitioner to ask for guidance.
Have you ever asked for guidance or prayer and then completely resisted the guidance you received?

That evening, that’s exactly what I did. As I sat on the phone with the practitioner, my hope slowly evaporated into despair.

I kept thinking, “This is the wrong practitioner. What HE wants to talk about is not what I want to talk about. I’m not even feeling heard here.” The exercise he gave me to do heats up my body in irritation. “What a waiste of money.”

Then it hits me. The proverbial bat to the head. “What am I resisting? Am I resisting my own answered prayer? Am I resisting the good I keep praying for?” I weep as I realize that the action I don’t want to take maybe the exact the action I need to take – I just don’t like it not being my idea.

The magical moment; God, Good, Magic can not flow where resistance is present. Resistance heats up the body into “fight or flight” and, as we fight, our good flights. Resistance blocks peace, love and joy. The magic we seek leaves when we are resistant and goes to where it is easily received.

War of ResistanceI have a challenge for you. The next time someone offers you something in a way of a thought, suggestion, or advice and you find yourself heated, annoyed or irritated, ask yourself, “What am I resisting?”

Here is a quick tip to recognize whether it is resistance to something that will actually serve you or an actual “no” to something that won’t..

If someone says to you, “You should dye your hair pink for more happiness and prosperity in your life. People with pink hair make more money and have better relationships. You should do it.” If you feel your temperature rise and want to yell something like, “ Are you f**king nuts? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There is no way I am doing that no matter how much happiness it will bring me.“ This would be the time to notice the STRONG resistance coming forth.

If, instead of heat in your body, you feel joy and laughter and respond with something like, “Yea, I don’t think dying my hair pink in the answer, maybe blue would be better. Or, you know, I don’t think the color of my hair is the issue… maybe it is something else.”

When it is that easy of a response without any heat, you are open and can receive your good. You’re simply aware that that particular advice isn’t what will bring your good to you.


With a firm compassion to our resistance, let’s go get some GOOD!

Live your sexiest life,
Bella Verita

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