I used to think this was erroneous!

I used to think “The Law of Attraction,” “The Secret,” and “Positive Affirmations” were erroneous. For many many years, I considered myself a positive thinker. If you were to ask me, I would say I saw the glass half full and could always see the silver lining.

The reality was I was broke. I couldn’t afford to do anything I really wanted to do. My love life sucked (I have been twice divorced). Business always seemed like a roller coaster of a ride with epic highs and suicidal lows.

I was frustrated as hell. Have you ever been there? You feel like you are a positive thinker yet the results in your life suck?

I remember the day it all changed for me. I literally spent the last $80 I had to work with an energy healer. My good and dear friend Reggie McKiver. At the time, I spent that $80, I didn’t know how I would put gas in my car the next day. Many would think this was a frivolous spend knowing where I was at the time. My inner knowing knew there had to be a different way. I knew God wanted something else for my life. I knew not having money to put gas in my car was not supposed to be the life for me. I knew there was something I was not seeing.

As an image expert, I was not able to see my own internal image I had of myself. When I worked with Reggie, something transformed and I knew it was something I required to learn and share with people. Our image is an inside-out job.

If you don’t like what you see demonstrated on the outside of your life, whether it is the way you look, the house you live in or the state of your bank account it is all a reflection of your thinking.

Even though I considered myself to be a “positive person” I had to take a real look at the state of my affairs.

As a learner of life, I have been studying for years how powerful our brains are and how we can really shift reality through our thoughts. I just didn’t believe it because I didn’t see the results I wanted in my life. It is one thing to have the knowledge and another to apply it. For a long time, I practiced affirming my affirmation of prosperity because that is what all the books said to do. I was “doing” all the right things. It wasn’t until I learned the only real way to change the brain is through meditation that things really started to change. “This is the only scientific way to really change the way your brain thinks. You have to train your brain to connect different neurotransmitters. The purpose of meditation is to establish direct access with the divine. Through direct access with the divine, we can reprogram our mind and self image to experience a new result in our life. When you think positively on a conscious level of your mind, the Mystical Power of your prosperous true-self has an opportunity to express through you. This is because the nature of your Divine-mind is positive, filling your mind with Higher, positive thought energies to enter into and improve your life.” -University of Metaphysics

What is one thing you would like to see different in your life? Begin meditating on it for at least 10 minutes a day. Notice how your life begins to transform.

If you’re not sure what meditations to do or want a deeper-level transformation, I can help. In fact, this time of year is one of the best times to slow down, receive support, and reprogram your brain. For me, it’s usually one of my busiest times because many people are looking to take time for themselves and experience life-changing transformations.

Here is what Laura has to say about working with me during these times:

“I’m Laura and I am working with Bella through her “21 day Mindset Makeover Meditations” program. Today is day #9…
Yesterday I believed one thing. Today I am a new person.
This is how it happened. Bella and I were working on mindset. I had mentioned my father. She probed for specificity. I resisted doing the work she gave me. I explained that it was hard for me.
The next day, we revisited it and Bella simply let me talk. She paused. We entered into a guided meditation.
There is power in the pauses. Don’t ever think silence is wasted time. Things happen when words are not enough. What happened in the time together was transformational. I understand now. I have no fear, no victimhood, nor any sadness.
Thank You Bella! I am excited about how this new awareness will continue to unfold!”

If you know you are ready for a mindshift for 2017 and need some mind re-programming to get there, I have 2 spots left to work personally with clients during the month of December. You would participate in 21 personal calls with me to completely transform your mindset and be ready to live the life you desire in 2017. To book a strategy session and see if you are a right fit for the 21 day mindset makeover, head over to my calendar and get yourself a free strategy session.

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