I'm not enough

I’m not Enough

It’s another sleepless night woken with feelings of, “I haven’t done enough. It’s never going to be enough. I’m not enough. It’s too hard. I’ll never get it right. It is probably not going to work out anyway”

Restless, I toss and turn, only to wake to find my head in my hands and tears streaming down my face, “Why does it have to be so hard? Will I ever see a different result?” I cry. And I cry.

I'm not enoughThis was me not all that long ago and this is some of the things I am hearing from my clients right now.

Sue reached out to me a few months ago. She was unhappy. She wasn’t sure why. She knew it was partly because of her not being happy with her body and partly because she wasn’t motivated to do anything different in her life. She felt stuck. She wanted something different but felt too old to change. She had done so much personal development work already and nothing seemed to change.

She wanted a big change. She wanted a dramatic shift in her life and was wondering, “What will people think of me?”

Before we started working together, Sue was deeply unhappy and unmotivated.

Quantum Physics and brain experts, like the ones in this video [ https://youtu.be/m8rRzTtP7Tc ], suggest the only way to change the brain is though meditation or mindfulness.

Do you know 15 minutes a day can change your brain, therefore change any result in your life you are seeking?

If you are like me and my client Sue, you have participated in numerous personal development seminars with the hope of changing something about yourself.

What if it was as simple as mindful mediation?

I know. I know. You don’t have time to meditate. Or you don’t know how to meditate. I have heard this before.

Sue has been working with me in my 21 day Mind Mastery Overhaul.

Here is what Sue had to say, “Bella, I am in tears of joy as I write this. I can not believe we are at the end of 21 days already. It went by so fast. I don’t want it to end. I started working out again. For 2 week straight now. You know that business plan I have been procrastinating on for over a year? IT’S ALMOST DONE!!! And I think I found an investor! Remember me telling you I wanted to stop hiding from friends and spend more time going out with them? Well Bella, I have been out 3 times with girlfriends since we started. Just the other day, we went dancing. It was so much fun. I can not remember the last time I went out with the girls and wasn’t ashamed of how I looked. I felt AMAZING! Thank you so much for the last 21 days. I feel the best I have in years. What’s next? lol”

Mindful work has been something I have done with my clients for years through my courses. Now, I am bringing it to a whole new level and offering it to everyone.

If you would like to “Get Your Sexy Back” and receive a live 30 minute personally guided mindful meditation to change your brain and thought pattern in an area in your life, click this link and book a time to connect. calendly.com/bellaannverita/sexyback

Your mind and body will be transformed. It’s time to get your “sexy back!”

Live Your Sexiest Life,

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