It’s All in Your Head

Beauty and the brainWhen it comes to looking great, feeling great and achieving greatness, do you know what stops you most?

It’s all in your head. And I don’t mean this in a funny way. When it comes to our wants, desires, feeling and being on a path to reach them it’s actually crucial to understand how our brain works to make our results effective.

Our brains have neurotransmitters. Since I love fashion, let’s relate those to the likeness of a prong on a belt buckle. Then you have the receiving nerve cells. We will liken those to the holes on your belt. Depending on the day could depend on the hole the prong goes into. Somedays it goes into the tighter holes and some days you are loosening that belt up for extra room and the prongs are going into a different hole. Point being, your belt may not always make the same connection.

Our brain works very much the same way. Ever wonder why one day you feel motivated, inspired, sexy and the next day could be a whole different story?

“Your awarenesses, thoughts, decisions, feelings, intentions, ideas, learning and memories are all patterns of nerve signals passing around the nerve cells of the brain and they change constantly.”- The Focus Brain by Steve Parker

The prong and the hole connection is different everyday.

The hypothalamus influence our behaviors we display when emotions and moods are high, most automatic. To have sustainable change or transformation we must enhance our neurotransmitters and their receptors.

How? You ask.

Through experience.

To have the experience of success, beauty, or health you have to connect those transmitters so when your moods are high you still create the result you desire without the set back.

What experiences are you creating in your life to connect the transmitters of health, wealth and happiness?

Beautiful Blessings,

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