Working with a Certified Style Psychology Coach, we thoroughly assess your existing wardrobe to determine a target for your desired image. Learn how to dress for your body type and look younger, taller, and thinner by making the proper fashion and style choices. Our one-on-one services are customized to meet your personal and professional goals. Image is an expression of oneself. Clothing, hairstyle, and makeup choices reflect the way you feel about yourself, determine the energy you radiate and control how others respond to you.

You deserve to look and feel your best 100% of the time. Whether you’re preparing for a big networking event, big date, or a day about town, self-confidence turns any scenario into an opportunity for happiness and success. As certified Style Psychology Coaches, we make your image transformation effortless, helping you portray the powerful personal characteristics that make you, you, without ever having to leave the dressing room! A Style Psychology Coach will help you:
• Shop! Especially selecting the most flattering items to compliment your personal attributes and body type. Relish saving time and energy, with one-on-one assistance to discover your personal style.
• Stay current! Keep up with the latest seasonal trends so that all of your friends will be asking where you got that fabulous fall ensemble! You’ll be the one setting the trends within your group.
• Maximize! Expand your wardrobe without buying more. Learn to mix and match stellar pairings with items that are already in your closet. Establish quality in your clothing selection, so that you can feel great in everything you put on and learn to care for the quality clothes you own.

Our goal is to help you look and feel your best.