The Secret to Beauty no one will tell you- Part 1

Before I tell you what the secret is we are going to have a little fun.

Growing up I was a goofy looking red head who was whiter than a piece of paper and had freckles. I was far from beautiful. When I would walk down the halls of school kids would point and laugh and say “Look there’s a ghost! Watch out for the dead girl walking!”

If you have ever been made fun of then you know the pain of not being pretty enough, tall enough, or whatever. You know the pain of wishing you could be tanner, thinner, sexier so you could feel beautiful.

My life’s work began right out of high school. I got a tan, wore lip stick and put on a pair of heels that changed my life. When I stepped into beauty, I felt fearless. I became a top producer in a network marketing company. After that I became the number one business broker in the state of Nevada. Then I found the first love of my life. I thought if this happened for me, how could beauty change the world? But I knew there was a secret to feeling this beautiful and it wasn’t what everyone thought it was.

Before I share the secret with you we have a little work to do. Think about the last time you looked in the mirror, maybe it was this morning while you were getting ready. Think back to what you thought as you were looking in the mirror.

What were those thoughts?

How did you feel?

What would you say your energetic vibration was?

Psychologically the vibration affects you life.

Now imagine what would be possible in your life if you had a new blueprint.

Would you like to build a new blueprint?

We are going to go about it in a slightly different way.

Imagine what you want to feel like?

What thoughts would build that type of structure?

Now what is your frequency?

Are you willing to change your thoughts about your body? To have a permanent transformation you must create a new experience which is why we offer Our Style Within course for permanent transformation.

When you are not your ideal self, and let’s face it, most of the time we never feel perfect enough, lol. However, you can still achieve beauty body harmony. It requires 2 things.

1. Let go of perfect body comparison.

2. Dress your core.

These two things will change your life.


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