Wait! What? My Children? My Partner?

Why does what women see in the mirror and say about their body, impact her own self confidence, the self confidence of her children and the intimacy in her relationship?

How is this affecting men?

Do boys suffer to?

There are 3 easy things you can take to empower your beauty and self image.

When I was growing up I saw women using their bodies to get what they wanted. I saw these women “have everything” and still complain about their bodies. It seem no one was ever really happy with themselves. They always complained no one loved them because of their bodies. As an adult woman I struggled with being beautiful yet not feeling loved.

Dove recently release a video “Dove Legacy| A girls beauty confidence starts with you…”  that depicts how important it is to have confidence in your own body.

What women think and say when they look in the mirror affects 3 major areas of their life.

  • Self confidence
  • The self confidence of children
  • Intimacy in relationship

Every negative thought we think in our heads or say out loud impacts our physical body. It also impacts the little minds and bodies of those around us. I believe this is true for men as well. Men don’t usually verbalized how they feel about their bodies such as women tend to do, having less impact on little boys.  78% of a woman’s confidence however, derives from how she feels about her outward appearance. If she doesn’t love what she see’s, she will have less confidence. Men I am not sure it affects their confidence as much. Every word we [both men and women] say about our bodies impacts the cells of our bodies. If you have ever seen Dr. Emoto’s water study then you know the impact words have over your body.

What women say about their bodies impact the little ones around them in a very profound way. Little girls want to be just like their mothers. You are their hero. If you want the little ones around you to have self confidence then you have to exhibit it first.

This also affects the intimacy in your relationship. How many times as women, have you said in front of your partner you didn’t like something about your body or insulted your own beauty? Did you know this is an insult to your mate?

I learned this at a relationship workshop several years ago. Men take pride in the partner they chose. It is like a badge of honor. “This is the one I’ve chosen.” When women doubt their beauty in front of their mate, men doubt the choice they made in a partner. Thus costly to intimacy.

So now what? Follow these simple 3 Style Psychology tips for how to empower your body image today. Men, if you have little boys in the house, don’t be afraid to do this also. One in every 4 boys have body issues.

  1. Make a list of 5 things you love about your body and beauty.
  2. Write 5 body and beauty affirmations. Examples: I am beautiful when I smile. I am confident with my sexy legs. Men: I have a strong body.
  3. Post these affirmations on the mirror you get dress in and say them aloud to everyone in your home at least once a day.

Do this for 30 days and watch the self confidence in your home go through the roof.

Question: Men reading this blog would you agree with the point number 3? Ladies what do you think of how the men respond to your own insults about your beauty?

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