Jalapenos and the Perception of your body?

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I want to lose weight is a lie most people tell to feel better about their body. Maybe even a lie you have told yourself.

What does this have to do with jalapeños?

Let me tell you a quick story.

I am in Texas with my dad. I make him some guacamole one afternoon and put jalapeños on the side for myself. I like spicy, him not so much. I bring the guacamole to the table and as he proceeds to eat he’s making a sound you’d rather not really hear from your father. Anyhow,  I am happy he is enjoying. A few moments later I come to the table with a small bowl of chopped jalapeños. As soon as I sat the jalapeños down he screeches, “Geez Stephanie (my birth name) how many jalapeños did you put in here?! My mouth is on fire!” My response, “None, I know you don’t like them that’s why they are on the side for me.” “Oh.” he says returning to eating without dropping a chip.

As soon as my father’s perception saw jalapeños, his mind automatically went HOT, this must be HOT. As soon as his perception changed as to the realization that there were no jalapeños, the experience of spicy went away.

“There is no truth. Only perception.”-Gustave Flaubert

How you see your body is a perception, which your mind then produces an experience of which you experience of your body. No one actually WANTS to lose weight. You WANT to feel great! You want to feel good about what you eat. You want to feel good in the clothes you wear and you want to feel good when you move your body. What you want is self confidence. Weight actually has very little to do with it. Want to see your body differently? Have a new perception!

You can change the way your body physically looks right now without diet or exercise just by changing your perception.

Come with me for a minute while I get a little technical on you. Stay with me. I promise it is worth it.

“If you are confronted, the chemicals released in the brain are the same ones that try to ensure our survival in dangerous situations. In this state the more primitive part of the brain interferes with rational thinking and the limbic system can knock out most of our working memory physically causing narrow mindedness. On a neural level, it reacts as if we are being threatened. When we express ourselves and our views are appreciated, these defense chemicals decrease in the brain and dopamine neurotransmission activate the reward neurons, making us feel empowered and increasing our self esteem. Our beliefs have a profound impact on our body chemistry.” -THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain and Consciousness. (You Tube Video)

When you are confronting with your body in your brain, “I’m fat. My thighs are big. My belly has rolls. I have sagging skin.” Your brain automatically sets of protective mechanism i.e. you eat more or chose unhealthy eating habits which interferes with the part of you that thinks rationally and knows better than to eat the box of Oreos. When you act in a way that is appreciative of the body you have at what ever size it is, dopamine will take over and you will feel better about your body. You will actually make better eating and exercise choices without even thinking about it. Thus your endless weight-loss struggle will end and you will become empowered with high self esteem.

So it’s time to change the perception of your body such that you have a different experience of your body. Your body will respond in ways that will utterly shock you and the endless weight-loss journey will stop.

Beautiful Blessings,



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